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April 2016

She is here!!! The long awaited foal!!! She is Lofty's first ever foal and certainly did not disapoint!!! Out of Zonya who is Gribaldi x Samber she has two of the best dressage lines available in her lines. What an exciting future awaits this filly. Lumpy got back in the ring for the first time since last September at the BSPA star show and came home with a nice sash but was a bit too excited a week later to take dressage seriously with rather severe brake failure but still managed a win!! And Ld and Md competed at Saddlesdane on the 23rd and cleaned up between them.

March 2016

The first of the big shows kicked off with the BSPA Eastern Star show in Norfolk . Still the Daves representing Team Haysden due to Jen's arm not being strong enough to show anyone else!! MD won the coloured and markings class and gained Reserve champ YS evaluation with a Red Prefered - good news towards his future stallion grading. And LD won the stallion class . Another show at Willow Farm saw two wins each for the Daves and then a long weekend away saw a fantastic Reserve Supreme in hand coloured in the evening performance for Lil Dave and a win in the coloured youngstock for MicroDave. The next day was the BSPA winter Championships where MD gained another Red preferred and was Evaluations Champion , he also won the mini youngstock. LD was still bouncing and not tired at all from the previous night and he won the open minis and graded stallions.

February 2016

A new venue at Petley Wood in E Sussex was a lovely one with LD winning Champion and MD being a bit boisterous and dropping to 1st reserve , too cold to stay for the Supreme unfortunately.

January 2016

A great start to the New Year with Lil Dave winning Supreme in Hand champ and MD Reserve supreme in hand and LD reserve supreme of show beating some ridden Olympia winners!!

December 2015

Lofty agin did a first - his first ever dressage and although still obviously very green was an absolute pro and got 2 x 66% - cant wait to get him stronger and out at Novice!! The year ended with Lil Dave gaining Champion at South East shows on the 28th - Happy New Year to all

November 2015

Well Lofty did his first ridden show and was his usual awesome self and won 3 classes , gained coloured champion and was reserve Supreme of Show - this guy really does impress at whatever he does! The Two Daves also didnt fail to impress and gained Supreme and Reserve Supreme of show on the 22cnd and MicroDave did his first show on his own like a pro!!

October 2015

MicroDave and Barbie were special guests on one of the most famous TV shows in the UK!! They were invited on to be a surprise for Martin Clunes and as always behaved impeccably ( although a lot of people were upset he didn't bite Jonathon Ross!!)  

September 2015

Chelsea took Lofty into his last ever in hand championship and he didnt disappoint and won BSPA Champion at Orsett County Show. He will now go on and wow the judges in the dressage arena.

A 2 day show at Rooting Street saw Team Haysden take the majority of the spoils with 6 horses. Day 1 , Lumpy won VHS champ , Forigen in hand and Ridden Champ , Coloured Champ , Supreme in hand champ , Reserve Supreme Ridden Champ and Res supreme of show. Lil Dave gave Chelsea her first ever flower garland by winning Supreme mini and Fatboy got Champion cob.

Day 2 was the mini day with MicroDave getting Coloured Mini Champ and 1st reserve supreme mini , Rockstar got 4 champs , Supreme Mini champ with 2 flower garlands , Coloured Champ , In Hand Supreme and Reserve Supreme of show.

An amazing 3 day VHS Supreme Finals was the last ridden show for Jen and Lumpy before a very painful shoulder operation in Oct. Lumpy was his usual amazing self and won both Ridden and In hand Supreme VHS Championships and came 6th out of 28 in the National Finals , 2 top 6 placings in 2 years!!

August 2015

The BSPA World of Colour Championships was MicroDaves first ever show and he was truly awesome!! At 9 weeks old he beat all the big horses to take the Colouramer Champion and was Foal of the year!! His dad was awarded BSPA Stallion of the year -an amazing mini adventure!!

Chelsea then took over showing Lil Dave and won many championships including Reserve Supreme in hand at Chertsey!!

Her own Haysden FatboySlim is progressing well and got Cob Champion at South East shows.Lumpy won the VHS regionals at Great Bookham with Jen riding one handed!!

July 2015

The 7th and 8th was an amazing weekend with Lofty taking the HDRC Coloured championship for the 3rd year running and then going on to be Supreme of Show - even winning a beautiful rug - although it was only a 5' one!! Then Lumpstar won the Pachesham Advanced Championships for the second year running and the biggest sasha you've ever seen!!MicroDave even won his first sasha for the BSPA photo show - although he will have to grow into it!!

The Media has gone totally mad over MiroDave - with appearances in the studio on Good Morning Britain , and slots on South East News and ITV Meridian News , write ups in National newspapers and even interest from as far as New Zealand and Australia - a true global sensation!!Then sadly pain stopped play with Jen majorly dislocating her shoulder at Kent County and being carted off in an ambulance!!

June 2015

Microdave - aka Haysden Scaramanga was born on the 11th June - Haysdens first ever home bred and what a stunner!! A smokey black Overo colt measuring 15" at birth. Already famous with photos on the Horse and Hound website and a National Newspaper photo shoot , he is definately one for the future in the showring!

May 2015

Lofty had one more practice before the county shows by winning 3 championships and reserve supreme of show at the South Eastern Gala show .

The littlys had an amazing time at the North London AEMHS show with Rockstar winning all her 4 classes , Lil Dave winning all 3 and gaining Reserve champion and First Reserve champion!!

Then an amzing start to the counties for Lofty when he got BSPA coloured Champion at Hertfordshire County Show!!! With a write up and photo in the Horse and Hound!!

April 2015

Lumpy returned to competing at Speedgate and was amazing , won the class on 67.8% and now holds the record for HIGHEST TOTAL POINTS EVER GAINED IN BRITISH DRESSAGE!!

He also qualified at S of E spring show for the SSADL regionals although was rather too lively for a win - happy to be back out again!

Then another win at Bluebarn on 68.9% and Cobham on 67.4% with a very small Horse and Hound write up.

March 2015

The big shows kicked off with Lofty having a very busy month.

He gained Reserve Supreme horse at the BSPA winter Champs and just got pipped by last years Reserve at the PUK Winters and gained Reserve Supreme Coloured Champion.

Rockstar gained Mini champ and reserve breed champ at Crockstead and Lil Dave won the Graded Stallion class at the BSPA winters.

February 2015

Both Rockstar and Lil Dave went to Saddlesdane with the latter beating his stable mate and taking 2 reserve championships and RS taking first reserve.

Lofty had another visit there and got Supreme Members champ and reserve supreme of show.

January 2015

Lofty finished his holiday and came out for a party - and was his usual amazing self , qualified for PUK , was in hand supreme , members supreme and Supreme of show!

And then Lil Daves turn to shine on the 24th - sporting his new BSPA graded stallion disc and he certainly didnt disapoint and won all his 4 classes and gained Champion.

December 2014

The beautiful Rockstar was back out again on the 6th and gained Miniature Champion and reserve supreme.

And then the last show of the year was a brilliant one with the wonderful Lumpster going through the card gaining all 3 championships , Members Supreme and Supreme of show , winning the beautiful flower garland that was on Jens bucket list !

November 2014

Lumpster started off a very good month with two cracking wins at Cobham with scores of 69.8 and 66.7 which was a personal best for PSG. And then it was Lil Daves turn to shine , he wet and strutted his stuff in front of a panel of judges and is now a BSPA graded stallion. He will be offered at stud next year to a few mares.

Another trip to Cobham on the 10th notched up another cracking score of 68.9 for Lumpster followed by two more wins at Pachesham which takes his points up to 773 - 1 point off the British Dressage record for total points gained!!

Lil Dave strutted his stuff at Willow Farm on the 23rd and came back with a couple of Championships.   

October 2014

A very good AEMHS Supreme Championships made for an extremely long but sucsessful day on the 5th this month. Rockstar won the Supreme Falabella of the year for the second year running and Lil Dave got the highest jumping marks in the Hunter Juming class.

Lumpster had another advanced win at Bluebarn in very good company.And then a first visit to miniature HOYS where Rockstar got reserve suoreme middleweight mini of the year.

September 2014

Another win for Lumpy in the advanced at Bluebarn and then Cobham got September off to a good start and then an amazing win in the VHS regionals at Great Bookham meant that he took Supreme Veteran and qualified for the VHS Supreme of the Year Finals!!!!

3 championships and Supreme mini for Rockstar at the Southern Miniature Gala show and in hand champion for Barbie made a good win for her before hanging up her halter and becoming a Mum!!

Then Lumpy got an incredible 4th plave in the Supreme Ridden Veteran of the year - making a fabulous end to his first ear of Veteran showing. 

August 2014

Loftys ridden work continues with him coming along a treat mixed with more showing championships for him . Supreme of show at Chertsey Agricultural show , Open winner at Edenbridge and Oxted , Open and Reserve Champion at Bucks County and then Champion at Dormansland!

Barbie - Looking Glass Rustys Red Ribbon had a fabulous first show taking 3 championships at Willow Farm Southern Miniatures.

Not to be left out Lil Dave took Champion at Holt Farm again.  

July 2014

Back to dressage for Lumpy on the 2cnd and back to Bluebarn where he started his dressage career. He loved his old haunt and got 68.42 for a big win in the Advanced class.

Then a return for Lofty after a months rest and he went to Horsham Show for the BSPA classes and he got Champion for the second year running.

Lumpy went the following day to the Nettex Dressage Championships at Pachesham and he won the Advanced Championship - a rather good weekend!

Kent County was next for Lofty and he gained a second in a high class Sports 3 year old and Reserve Champion taking his Sports total to an incredible 14 points.

Lumpy went back to Kent on the Sunday and was amazing winning both the in hand and ridden Veteran classes.

Anew mini girly arrived at the yard - Looking Glass Rustys Red Ribbon - a 33" Part Bred American Multi Champion and has been covered by Haysden Sambertiddly and we are hoping for a June foal 2015.

Then an extremely uncharacteristic fault in the final show in the SSAD championship at Great Bookham saw Lumpys Olympia chances vanish - both judges said he had the ticket in the bag until then! 

June 2014

Loftys amazing run continued at South of England with another win in the hottest yet 3 year old Sports Horse class.

Amy and Haysden Woodstock had an amazing result in the Inter Regionals and headed the winning team and got a fab write up in the Horse and Hound.

Rockstar and Haysden Housemouse went off to Faversham for some showing on the 7th and Rs won all of her six classes , got showmans and points champions and 2 x Reserve Champions to her Full Brother!!

Then Lumpy went showing at the Area 20 show and won the in hand Veterans .

Lil Dave went showing with the big guys at Holt Farm on the 29th and whooped their butts!! He won both his classes and both his Championships! The sashes had to go round him twice!!

May 2014

The county shows kicked off with a long journey to Newark and Notts with Lofty gaining a very good 3rd in a big open coloured class.

Lil Dave made a quick appearance at Cobham Manor to gain 3 firsts and Champion ( even though he rolled as he went in for the Championship!!) And Lumpster went amazingly at Windsor in the biggest class of the show but unfortunately the judge was a pony judge so pulled all of them in .

He was back in his usual role of dressage guy at Cobham on the 19th and got a whopping 71.7% to win the PYO class by 6%!!

Then an amazing run of County shows for Lofty!!

Started with Heathfield where he won the Coloured Championship for the 3rd year running plus a win in the 3 year old sports horse class and Reserve Champion.

Next came Surrey County with another 3 year old Sports win and another Championship and then Suffolk county and Champion there as well - absolutely delighted with this very special boy!! Then it was the 2 minis first big Championship show and they certainly didnt disappoint!! Rockstar won 2 Championships and 2 Reserves and Little Dave won 2 First Reserves Championships and the Best Mover class at the AEMHS National Champs.

April 2014

Lil Dave went to Cobham for the poshnags show and got Showmans and Points champion and reserve miniature beating 2 top Looking Glass horses!!

Then on the 9th Lumpy competed in his first SSAD Veteran classes at the South of England Spring show - winning both his In Hand and Ridden and going on to get Champion - absolutely thrilled!!

Lofty continued the amazing run with another big Championship at the South East BSPA Star show - qualifying him for the King of the Ring at the World of Colour Champs. Lil Dave got reserve YS Evaluation Champ with an incredible 75% - this score goes towards his grading next year.

Rockstar was out again on the 26th and got Points chamion , Breeds Champion , Showmans Champion and 1st reserve Supreme of Show.

March 2014

Both littlys went to Southern Miniatures gala show on the 1st with Rockstar taking Supreme of Show and Lil Dave showing off his amazing jump again!

Lofty went out again after a 6 month rest and hadnt forgotten a thing! He won the plaited at the BSPA Eastern Star show and then the following week he won all 4 classes and got Coloured champion which he won as a yearling!

3rd win out of 3 for Lumpy with a double Advanced and PSG win at Cobham manor on the 15th.

An evening performance at Ponies UK proved to be an amazing one with Lofty not only winning the Apache Coloured Youngstock Championship but went on to take Supreme Coloured - and stood between the flowers in the spotlight like he owned it!!

February 2014

Little Dave carried on the winning streak with 5 firsts , reserve Mini champion , Showmans champ , reserve breed champ and points champion.

Then Rockstar won her classes on the 9th taking Supreme of show!

Lumpy had another superb win at Cobham - gaining 68.4% which took his points up to 700 - an amazing feat!

January 2014

Haysden Liveries looks forward to a very busy and successful year.

Lumpy kicked off the year in amazing style - winning a very good PYO class at Cobham with 69.68% followed by a win at Oldencraig taking his points to 695.

Then it was Rockstars turn - she won 6 firsts , mini champion and points champion.

December 2013

Well Rockstar ( looking Glass Estrallita) had an amazing first show gaining Mini champ , YS champ , Mini supreme , Reserve breeds supreme and 1st reserve supreme of show - what a clever girly.

The it was Lil Daves turn the following week who found a new talent for jumping and gained Jumping Champion!! Also Mini Champ , Breeds Champ , Supreme in hand champ and reserve Supreme of Show!! 

November 2013

The whole of the rear stables roofing has been replaced with some very snazzy brown tile effect roofing panels , the start of the total roof overhaul.

Lil Dave got mini champ , reserve breeds and points champ at Willow Farm on the 3rd and Lumpy gained another double 105/Inter 1 win at Cobham Manor on the 23rd with Linda and Santor gaining an excelent first and second in the advanced mediums.

Amy and Woody had an amazing double Medium win at Stilebridge resulting in another write up and piccy in the H and H for them.

Team Haysden acquired a new superstar Looking Glass Estrallita - a top 2 year old Fallabella filly. A busy career is planned for this stunning girly and then she will breed some gorgeous foals.

October 2013

The month started off fabulously with another double win at Speedgate for the Lumpstar and Lil Dave returned the next day for their showing where he got 2 firsts and reserve champion against all the large horses. And then another amazing show for Lumpstar at Cobham on Monday with a score of 68.8 in the A105 and 65 in the Inter 1 , what a star!!

Then he went for a nice jolly back in the showring ( first time for 2 years) and thoroughly enjoyed strutting his stuff and getting Supreme of Show!!

Lil Dave went back to Blue barn on the 26th and gained Mini champ , breeds champ and 1st reserve supreme of Show.

 September 2013

Amy and Linda were both selected to represent the English side at the Home Internationals for the second year running. This time it was all the way up in Scotland with Linda and Santor getting a 10 th in the team competition and Amy and Haysden Woodstock an individual 7th.

Then another overall win for Lumpy at Pachesham in the PYO and a reserve supreme , points champ and supreme mini for Lil Dave completed the month.

August 2013

A busy month at Haysden Liveries saw some amazing sucsess culminating in the BSPA World of colour champs , with Lofty doing his first ever evening Gala performances , getting 3 firsts , 1 2cnd , 2 first reseve champ and RESERVE SUPREME HORSE!! And the final accolade was that he got his first ever piccy in the H and H and a huge wtite up!! The first of many we hope!!

He also wins at Cranleigh and reserve champion competition horse.

Lil Dave had a very good month also with supreme ring 2 and reserve supreme of show on the 4th and Supreme champion ring 1 mini , 6 1sts and 4 champs on the 10th. Esther Pepper competed her new boy Haysden Freebird and had an amazing show , 7 firsts , 2 champs , reserve supreme of show and points champion and Zara Truman on Haysden Hendrix gained 2 firsts and reserve points - a bit of a Haysden Walkover!!

But the superstar who is known as Lumpy did the ultimate by gaining his first ever Intermediare point - the first of many hopefully!!

Linda and Amy were again chosen to represent England in the Home International but have to travel all the way to Scotland next month.

Haysden Evanescence and Georgia competed at their first dressage since moving to Haysden Liveries and won on nearly 73%!!

July 2013

This month proved a heartbreaking month alround with the very sad passing away of Jens Father Bob and then the tragic loss of Mr Wonderful Chuleigh , the beautiful horse who was mainly responsible for Jens passion for dressage and showing , playing in Heaven now with his great freind Gazz.

Continuing a great run Lofty won the BSPA champ at Horsham - beating a prolific county winning stallion into Reserve.

Then it was Lil Daves turn the next day - 8 firsts , 3 champs , Supreme Mini , points champ and Reserve Supreme of Show!!!

A disapointing placing in the sports at Kent County due to even more carriages!!

Then another 66.8 (adv) and 64.9 (PSG) at Pachesham and 68.2(adv) at Chester Hall took Lumpys points up to 667!!!

An awfully long journey to Royal Welsh was totally worth it with an amazing 1st out of 30 in the coloureds and Reserve Champion out of 125 - biggest show in Europe!!

June 2013

A first time trip to Suffolk County proved very worthwhile with a win in a very high class 2 yr old sports and reserve champion.

And then a second by 1 point at South of England the following week.

Lumpy had his first outing for 3 months and was his usual Mr Consistant and got 66.8 in the Advanced class. With Linda and Santor gaining a first and second in the medium sections.

Amy and Woody carried on their fantastic form and got 5th in the Hickstead Masters at Medium beating some well known pros.

Team Haysden Hosted a team at the Inter Countys at Oldencraig with personal bests from Jen and Amy but unfortunatly it is geared round the lower level horses so wont be doing it again next year!!

Another win at advanced and PSG at Pachesham for Lumps on the 22cnd and champion mini at Willow Farm for Lil Dave on the 23rd made for a good weekend!!

Then a very long drive to Royal Norfolk only to be plagued by carriages for Lofty!!

On the 30th at Cobham Lumpster got his Highest Ever Score - 72.18% - winning the class by 11% and getting a write up in the H and H!!

May 2013

What a month May is turning out to be!! At Heathfield County show on the 25th ( his and Lil Daves Second birthday) Lofty won the coloured championship for the second year running and Claire and Manley won the Veteran Champ and their first ever sash!!!

Surrey County follwed with Lofty getting a reserve in the Sports Breeding class.

Amy and woody were amazing at the Home Internationals at Keysoe and got overall Medium Champion - an amazing achievement against so many other established horses.

Claire and Manley had an amazing Royal Windsor Horse Show with a win in the Veterans out of 22 and then taking first reserve Champion!!! Jen just wanted to take all the trophys home!!!

Lil Dave had a busy weekend with 2 wins at Dartford and 2 wins and a champ at Ashford.

April 2013

Lil Dave amasses an amazing 7 firsts , 1 champ , 2 reserve champs and reserve points champ at the Southern Miniature show on the 6th - it takes him that many classes to stop bouncing!!!

And then Lofty took the Sports Championship , the plaited and the best plaited youngster at the BSPA Star show.

Then again Lil Dave had a cracking show at Faversham with 6 firsts , 2 champs , 2 reserve champs and Supreme miniature of the show!

March 2013

Lumpy made it out in between snow and rain to 2 sucsessful shows. At Cobham manor he won both the Advanced 100 and the PSG and then at Bedgebury he got 67.8 in the 100 with another win and then a 3rd in the PSG qualifier.

Lil Dave continued his amazing run with 5 firsts , 2 championships , 2 rereve champs , points champ , 1st reserve supreme mini and 1st reserve supreme of show!!

Lofty competed for the first time in 8 months and the first time as a gelding and has lost none of his presence - gaining 3 qualifying firsts and reserve champion coloured of the show.

Then on a very cold Sunday Lofty went to his first ever BSPA championship show and delighted everyone by winning the Britewells champion Sports Youngstock - well worth the 3 am start!!

February 2013

Lofty spends 2 weeks at Groomsbridge stud nr Newmarket depositing hopefully some future Champions!!!

Lil Dave had an excelent show on the 3rd winning 5 firsts , 2 championships and Reserve Supreme of Show!

January 2013

Wishing all clients past and present a Happy and very Sucsessful 2013.

Lil Dave got the year off to a cracking start and won 5 firsts and 3 reserve championships at Southern Miniatures on the 6th

December 2012

A very quiet month with no competing but Chudleigh made an amazing Unicorn at a wedding in London!

November 2012

Lofty continues to grow and has to be the biggest yearling on the planet - he now stands at 17.1 and takes a 6'9 rug!!!

Little Dave won 5 firsts and 1 reserve champion at Southern Miniatures.

October 2012

British Dressage have unfortunatly changed the rules so sadly Lumpy now has too many points to compete in the area festivals anymore so Octobers plans were changed.

Speedgate on the 6th saw a good Psg win for him with 2 more wins at Cobham on the 13th.

Lofty made it into the CHAPS calender!!

A new 4 year old conny Palomino owned by Emma Ramiro arrived at the yard - aimed at dressage next year and will compete under the name Haysden Cockney Rebel.

September 2012

Lumy won the Advanced 100 at South of England on 67.2% and 3rd in the PSG which took his BD points to well over 600 - what a superb achievement for a non dressage bred horse.

Lofty gains National SHBGB yearling of the year an incredible feat for a non professionally produced yearling!.

August 2012

A new venue for the Southern Mini shows at Pachesham saw Little Dave competing against some really top class champions but he did very well to earn 6 firsts , 1 champion , 2 reserve champs and reserve supreme ring 2 , he is now having a few months break to grow into himself a little more.

Lumpy gained 67.5% from List 1 judge Helen Webber in an incredibly hot PYO class at Pachesham on the 8th.

Lofty was exceptionally well behaved at the BEF futurity gradings on the 14th and gained a First Premium in the dressage section - with the Vet commenting that she cant wait to see him next year.

July 2012

Lofty got narrowly pipped by an eventing yearling at Kent County but the judge is a TB breeder so he did very well to gain her favour. Now we are anxiously waiting to hear if hes done enough to win Sports Horse GB yearling of the year.

Lumpy won both classes at Cobham on the 21st and gained 65.8% for the PSG - his second highest ever score!

Claire and Lucy had a clean sweep at Holt Farm with 5 wins and the championship between them on the 29th.

Little Dave had an amazing Southern Miniature show at Crockstead - with a Supreme miniature of the show win - qualifying him for the final of Horseworld Live in November - he had so many sashes Jen couldnt see out of the lorry on the way home!!

After an awfully long drive to Norfolk County show Lofty surpassed himself yet again by winning the Sportshorse yearling.

June 2012

Lumpy won another PYO at Pachesham making his total points to 580!!

Linda got her highest ever score of 73.6% in the medium at Bedgebury.

On the 7th Lofty had an absolutly amazing win at South of England in an extremely high class Sports Breeding Championship , the first time a yearling has ever won this and an humungous silver trophy is on the way.

This qualified him for the Cuddy Championship the next day where he behaved suprbly.

A very rainy Hertfordshire County Show - saw another fantastic win for Lofty in a very hot Yearling Sports Horse class - a beautiful surface enabled him to show off his breath taking trot to the full!

May 2012

Lofty competed in his first ever County Show - Heathfield on the 29th May and gained coloured Champion!!!!!! He was impeccably behaved and acted like the total pro that he is.

Linda and Amy gained 3 out of 4 Medium wins between them at Cobham and Claire and Lucy gained 3 Firsts , 1 2cnd , 1 Champ and 1 reserve Champ at Holt Farm - a rather sucsessful weekend for Team Haysden!!

Lumpy had a party at Great Chart on the 7th and proved he has still got the wow factor when it comes to showing with 5 wins and the points championship and rug. He also won a very hot class at Pachesham on the 12th at 8.15 in the evening - way past his bed time!!

Lofty went to his first big time show - the South East BSPA STAR show and won the Brightwells Sport Horse Championship and gained a First Premium in the Youngstock Evaluations - gaining reserve champion in that section -some superb comments from the judges as well. 

Haysden Teen Spirit Champion

Lofty cleans up!

April 2012

Little Dave won a haul of rosettes and sashes bigger than him at Southern Miniatures on the 28th.

He won an outstanding 6 firsts , 2 champions , supreme champion of ring 2 , 2cnd reserve supreme of the day , points champion , 4 sashes and 2 rugs!!! Little Chaz and Maggie gained 2 firsts and a 2cnd.

Lumpy gained 66.8% in the A100 at Cobham Manor on the 29th with Linda and Santor coming 2cnd in the Advanced Medium.

Lofty had the best second show ever on the 22cnd April , with him winning all his classes including the BSPA and CHAPS youngstock qualifiers , then gaining champion against older horses and winning the points sash - his first of hopefully many!

He also had some excelent comments from the judges but unfortunatly the BSPA youngstock evaluations which he was being aimed for was cancelled.

Claire and Manly won the VHS class at the South of England Spring show.

Linda and Amy both got selected for the BD Southern Teams to be held at Keysoe at the end of May.

Another double win for Lumpy at Pachesham but very well deserved as it was in sideways driving rain!

Little Dave had a fabulous show with 5 firsts ,2 2cnd reserve championships and reserve Kent produced. With a qualification to MHOYS and IMPHS finals.

Lumpy won both the A100 and PSG at Cobham Manor with Linda and Santor gaining a first and second in the Mediums. Claire and Haysden Simply Red won both their VHS classes at Pachesham so have qualified for the regionals at their first attempt this season.

March 2012

Haysden Teen Spirit competed in his first ever show and was the star that we had hoped he would be. He won all his 4 classes and then went on to stand Champion - a superb start to his career!

The 2012 showing season started very well with the two littlys going out to their first show and Little Dave winning all his 3 classes and gaining reserve champion against the bigger horses.

Maggie Scriven showed Little Chaz and got a first and second.

Claire took 2 firsts in the ridden classes and gained another reserve champion and a very lively Thingy and Lucy got 2 2cnds.

3rd of March was the littlys first "proper" mini show with Little Dave gaining a coveted RIHS ticket on his first try , 3 firsts and some very positive comments from the judges who said he should definatly grade at a later date. Little Chaz and Maggie gor 2 seconds.

February 2012

Snow stops play!!

January 2012

The New Year competition season started really well with Lumpy winning his first two classes ( Advanced 105 and PSG) at Cobham Manor on the 28th. Linda and Santor gained a second place in the medium with their hoghest score at that level.

Linda and Amy impressed at Southern Team Training and are both hoping to be picked for the Home International in April.

December 2011

Haysden Nirvana gets his photo and a long write up in the Horse and Hound for winning the A105 at Cobham - a long awaited ambition for Jen!

All the babies have arrived and are settling in nicely - the colt has been named Haysden Teen Spirit and is loving making freinds with the two mini colts.

November 2011

Another baby is on his way - as yet un named colt by Sempers Spirit by a mare with Negro - Ferro lines. He has already got a higher first BEF futurity premium and it is hoped he will do great things in the show ring next year!

October 2011

Haysden Liveries eagerly await the arrival of Haysden Sambertiddly (top) owned by David Baldwin and Haysden Samberteeny (bottom) owned by Angus Clifford Barnes.

A showing and breeding career is hoped for these two gorgeous minis.

Lumpy wins the A100 and the PSG at Speedgate on the 22cnd.

Linda and Haysden Santana represent England in the Home Internationals in Wales.